*Thanks to Cristobal Cobo Romani for generously sharing this adorable image of what literacy looks like today. Click the image to learn more.

What Literacy Looks Like Today . . . The North Carolina Reading Association's Digital Photo Gallery

The face of literacy is changing, and it's time to pause and take a snapshot of what literacy looks like so far in the 21st century.
We plan to create an online photo gallery of people engaged in literate activities, and you can help.

How to Contribute?

Here's how we suggest you contribute to our collective online photo gallery:
Step 1: Reflect on what literacy looks like today and plan a photograph. Enlist others to help if needed.
Step 2: Take the photograph you've envisioned and upload to a Flickr account. You must be 13 to create a Flickr account, and, so you must be 13 to participate in this project.
Step 3: Tag your photo "NCRAliteracy" and use Creative Commons licensing to share. We encourage you to select CC-BY-NC-SA (Creative Commons - Attribution -- Non-Commercial -- Share Alike) which means that others may use your photo as long as they give you credit, are not using it to make money, and any changes they make they agree to also make available to the public as you have. How you decide to share your intellectual property is your choice. Learn more about copyright and Creative Commons in this short video:

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Tips for tagging and setting Creative Commons licensing for your photo:


Step 4: Search for "NCRAliteracy" under "Tags Only" to see the collective gallery.


Thank you for your contribution! We plan to incorporate many of these photos in the new NCRA website. For some photos selected for special display, we may contact you for higher resolutions. Stay tuned for news of the grand opening in the fall of 2012!